Tuesday, June 25, 2013

it was a busy and beautiful weekend.  hot and muggy.  perfect porch weather.  we barbecued.  we set up chairs in the grass and on the porch.  we ate and drank and laughed.  the kids scuttled around with water guns. lemonade.  rhubarb crisp..  ezra had his first taste of our summer life with the doors and windows open and people coming and going and food everywhere.  he was great. 
and then when the house suddenly emptied to put kids to bed and prepare for the coming week, we had another wonderful visit. kim and tammy from friendly giants dog rescue stopped in on their way through town.  kim, ezra's 'other mother', rescued ezra from a cruel and criminal backyard breeder in quebec.  she took him into her home for a year and a half, coaxing him into the trusting and loving and beautiful dog he now is.  she taught him to be the amazing dog we now have.  i always tear up when i think of what an amazing thing she does everyday. ezzie was so excited to be with her again. he was playful and happy and just loved being with them.  kisses with kim and ear rubs with tammy.  they are always welcome to visit.  they are part of the family.   


  1. brought tears to my eyes this did, beautiful,

  2. Kim and Tammy are amazing--it made me feel so good to read this and to look at your beautiful pictures.
    Happy summer!