Thursday, June 6, 2013

 reflections and layers of images have always been part of what i toy with visually.  painting.  collage.  photography.  i like the extra layers.  the dreamy and inexplicable little world that forms on a flat surface, swimming with the depth of light and line and image.  early yesterday, i put floyd outside so i could feed tiny 18 year old telulah without him pushing her out of the way.  he knew he was missing out, and cried in the window.   the angle of the sun and the different layers of glass and screens created a universe of green summer morning.  thankfully my camera was nearby.  6 am is the witching hour for fantastic light.  
maybe it was the light that threw me in the right direction, but when i got to the studio, i felt the need to take away all suggestion of a display space and utilize every corner as a workspace.  a workspace that i can breeze seamlessly through as i keep the projects moving.  and a space that appeals to me visually. 
so the complete quilts are in fanciful piles along one wall.  and the rest of the main floor moves along with me.  accepting the mess i create daily.  but allowing it to be strong with the energy of how i work.  i feel good things coming from this little shake up.


  1. oh dear Annette
    your describe your world in such a poetic attractive way
    I want to be there
    sit in a little corner of your lovingly messy studio
    and watch, breath, live it

    all my love. always

    1. demie....i believe that will happen someday. i truly do!!