Sunday, June 16, 2013

we drove to the farm this morning.  the rain was teeming.  we stopped and got coffees to drink on the road.  ezra with his head resting on his front paws, between the two front seats.  a gray wet sunless day.  but when we walked through the kitchen door at my parents, the fire was burning, and the house was bright and warm.  we had a bag of little presents for my dad.  and we spent a couple of hours chatting and visiting.  suddenly my dad pointed to the window.  and there was the lone deer who has been visiting lately. normally there are groups of deer that slip from the trees that surround their yard, and onto the lawn.  they eat fruit from the trees.  they bathe in the sun.  they play, and then disappear back into the trees.  but lately this little lady has been visiting alone.  we've named her virginia.  or ginny.  yesterday morning she was a mound under one of their trees, resting and chewing her cud.  and she's been back a few times.  
she seemed to listen to us talking.  her ears moving with our words.  she wandered around.  she hept her ears alert in our direction.  and then ezra noticed her.  they had a staring match for awhile.....he was mostly quiet and calm, but eventually he made her uncomfortable and she left.  i wonder why she's alone.  i wonder if traveling alone is safe for her.  i hope she finds safety in the little oasis that is my parents quiet protected garden.  
it was a perfect father's day afternoon.  afterall, my daddy has provided me with everything that fills my life with happiness.  and i feel the pleasant dreamy little doe represented something profound for us to experience together on father's day.  


  1. what a perfect day, and you shared it with us, I thank you for this,

  2. We have deer visiting our garden regularly. They eat the hedge and fortunately leave the plants alone. The hedge needs cutting anyway. Glad you father had a lovely father's day with you.

  3. deer visits are so lovely. they seem to love the little thornapple tree where my beautiful great danes are all buried. edgar's is the freshest grave. i want to plant a garden there of all the greenery that deer love. and a saltlick. and a watering hole. deer always remind me of great danes and i think it's a nice tribute to my sweet dogs.

  4. So glad you had a lovely, lovng family day.

  5. what a beautiful precious visit
    yours to your dad
    the deer's to you

    all my love. always