Thursday, September 26, 2013

it's been a week of bright warm days and mild september nights.  with the smell of woodsmoke beginning to swim through the neighborhood once it's dark.  and i've had a delightfully busy week.  busy in the fabric.  feeling like i had to force myself to leave the studio at night.  the fabrics bright and fresh like the days. i'm just finishing up a batch of vintage styled beauties.  i was able to use some of the vintage fabrics that i told you about a few posts ago, interspersed with many of my favorite patterns and colors.  there will be 5 quilts in this batch. 
there is a draw to these florals and dots and popsicle colors that i can't quite explain.  the first quilts i made were from fabrics that i'd bought for no purpose.  that i'd bought only because i wanted them piled in a cupboard in my home.  and i'd been buying these fabrics for years.  this vintage-y flavor is the look of my first quilts.  and over the years they've grown and developed.  and they've become a little more elaborate and complicated, but still dreamily simple.  
so, it's been a good week, sewing and cutting and planing the next batch of quilts.  


  1. So cool that you are incorporating vintage fabrics. I love the way you are constantly growing, creatively. The bright colors are especially welcome as I am now starting to dread the shorter days, longer darkness.

  2. sounds very exciting and this quilt is truly a beauty!

  3. I love the quilts wonderful colors. So bright and perfect for warm September days. Beautiful!