Tuesday, September 3, 2013

we're home.   i have cinnamon incense burning in every room, it's spicy smoke chasing away the closed up musty smell.  lamps are on.  windows are open.  crickets are singing, just a little less grandly than they do at the cottage.  ellsworth forgot he is skitterish around ezra and jumped up on the couch,  threading himself through ezra's legs to get to me, purring and kneading on my shoulder.  it's dark by 8 now, so the house is at it's best....cozy.  i had a long slow bath.  stella sat on the edge of the tub just to be near me.  and i have the first load of laundry humming.  being at the cottage erases all the things staring at me to be done while i'm at home.  and tonight, i've come home feeling a little more balanced.  yes, when we pulled in the drive, i helped tom carry stuff in and then went straight to the studio and worked for 6 hours.  but it felt good.  like exercise.  and i was home by 6.30.  it's all feeling a little less frantic.   and tomorrow i hope i can maintain the steady sort of busy that doesn't drain me, but fires me up.  it's how a little holiday is supposed to work.   


  1. sounds like a perfect homecoming,

  2. I always find the coming home transitions to be difficult, but it sounds like you eased in just right.