Thursday, September 19, 2013

tonight i don't imagine i'll sleep much.  the moon is huge and the crickets are loud.  but really i'm not sleeping because i'm tracking my parent's flight to paris.  they have set off on another of their adventures.  and they won't be back until almost november.  they aren't young, although they do make 75 seem like it might be, as they head off to wander through europe with their friends, in an almost youthful carefree way.  it's wonderful.  but i'll be up and watching their flight wing over the atlantic and will be anxious for their 2.00 am facetime or text when they arrive.  i'm not a wanderer.  although i love to drive.  the open road.  silence.  my head full of words and images.  but i'm at my best when i'm at home.  when i'm settled in with what makes me full and happy and busy with life.  although sometimes i wake up in the morning believing i'm in paris.  it's lodged so hard in my belly, in my sleep it makes me believe it's my life.  there may be a time, when i find some years to live with paris again.  although i'm so very happy where i am, worrying about my parents as they fly.  

my quilts have been sedate lately.  sedate and elegant.  quite lovely and warm.  i've been making piles of soothing calm quilts.  but i'm craving color again.  eager to start cutting into the striking bright vintagey fabrics.  the colors that cheer and smile at me as we work together.  that drum into my skin and make me sing.  the colors that turn my head and crank up the music.  tomorrow i begin a batch of ready for african prints and vintage florals.  i can't wait to get started!!!

and so i let ezra's belly warm my feet and the moon light the room as i stare at my phone, watching the blue line that is carrying my parents off on their latest adventure.  


  1. Wondered if you might have read my post of this morning.. I was up early and there was mr. moon still saying hello..and a plane was flying high up on its way somewhere.
    I am sure that your parents will have a wonderful time.
    What places will they be visiting!
    You sound happy and content. I feel that coming through your warm poetical words. Your feet being warmed by Ezra.. i do that with my jeffrey.
    I am sure you will be starting the old pieces of cloth that the gentleman gave you.. that should be a treasure.. your quilts are so beautiful and you work hard.
    nice post.
    wish your parents a happy european holiday.

  2. thank you val......
    they are wandering through france and spain for a couple of weeks and then a river cruise on the rhine (a more age appropriate choice)
    your comments are always so lovely....thank you. i do really love what i do. and feel very fortunate. :)

  3. Oh the beautiful moon! I love that we all see the same one. Your parents are younger than a lot of people their age. I hope they have a wonderful and safe trip. I love the image of Ezra warming your feet and piles of quilts. I hope I get to see the ones you make with the vintage fabrics. I know I will love them.

    1. we are looking at the same moon from our porches....a lifetime of togetherness apart. xoxo

  4. Wow, good for them! I also track my loved ones when they travel. I was a wanderer when I was young, and would like to become one again.

    1. i used to be a wanderer too. but then it appears i found what i was looking for. maybe someday i'll wander again. maybe. :)