Thursday, November 7, 2013

in the past months, since i began to swirl my sewing machine into words as i quilt, i have met some lovely people and made some wonderful quilts.  for now i've become a scribe of sorts.  my customers trust me with the words that sing with meaning for them.  they give me the words that they danced their first married dance to, or the words they sung to their babies, or the words of their mother's favorite poem.  they give me lists of words that empower, or poems that have been written for them.  and all of these words become part of me.  all the words wade through me. as i sew them, it is quite a little dance.  i have written them by hand on paper, studied them, let them be familiar and sure within me.  and then as i start sewing the words there is a little chant in my mind as i repeat the words over and over, ensuring that my mind and my eye and my hands are all linked in and working together.  the words stay with me after.  i feel so fortunate to be filled with the words that others find meaningful.  for it opens me a little and gifts me with a little of their truth.  a great sharing.  one line keeps running through my mind lately.....'you whispered me back to my feet'.  a poem of love.  a poem of commitment.  and i am trusted with it.  
i love these quilts and their dreamy whispers.  it seems the line 'you whispered me back to my feet' could have been written for the quilts as well. for they wrap you with warmth and whisper their words as they warm you.   

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  1. A lexicon of love is a treasure indeed. Words are some of my favourite things and i love to sift through them and find new combinations, new meanings, new emotions. What you do is a magic of sorts, not just skill married with muse but real magic... spells that are made of stitches and words... I love it so much. ♥