Wednesday, November 27, 2013

night has softened around us.  there is a storm predicted to roar in overnight.  but for now the sky is quiet.  ezra is asleep beside me.  the fire is on.  stella is wrapped around the back of the stove.  i've brought home pieces to iron and cut,  while i watch the bbc's middlemarch.  i've been preparing quilt tops for the last couple of days.  lovely, long 15 hour work days. 
but today i had to head to a doctor's appt.  a mole was on my neck that my parents have been urging me to have removed.  and today was the day.  a lovely large gash with 6 stitches is now creeping out of my hairline at the back of my neck. i quite like it.  although i think i'll miss the mole for a while. 
if you have been thinking of my quilts for gift-giving this season, you can find me at the mulberry school's winter fair this weekend.  friday evening 6-9 and saturday from 10-4. it's a lovely event!
i am also opening my studio on the 3 sundays before christmas.  on the 8th, the 15th and the 22nd the studio will be open and tidy and ready for visitors from noon to 4.  so feel free to drop by then as well.  
if you have an inkling for a custom piece in time for christmas, please  get in touch as soon as possible.
i think the winter season will be in full swing soon, especially if this storm actually happens.  a time when an extra quilt or two always makes sense :)   

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