Tuesday, February 18, 2014

sitting on the couch with ezra.  a little restless.  wishing i was at the studio, deep in the work.  it's not late.  but i have no energy for anything else.  the kitchen needs to be cleaned up. laundry needs to be folded.  our house has simply found it's way into a winter rut.  and i don't really give any thought to it.  i only have energy to twist my head around ways to turn fabric into blankets.  soft and irresistible blankets. and finding new ways to use the pieces that end up on the floor, one sweep from the garbage.  it's all my mind will get enthusiastic about now. 
but i'm not at the studio.  the snow and the darkness has become a barrier for me.  although it's just a few steps across the yard, it seems difficult.  and i can't force myself across it. so i wait until morning and i spend a quiet winter evening with my family.  a little restless.  and a little tired.  a bit like a bear awakening to spring.  


  1. It's nice and encouraging myself to imagine your way on your work. Even if you have barrier now, it will be melt away sooner and you'll find your way was right.

  2. I think many of us feel the same.
    I was only saying to a friend the other day. "We should be able to hibernate for three months" like the bears. Winter can bring dark days .. such a harsh winter this year.
    Lets hope soon we will be seeing the sun. Its out here today..but not very warm.

  3. ... never lift a finger unless the whole body wishes to support it, I always say... ♥♥♥♥