Thursday, February 6, 2014

trudging across the yard tonight, the snow was past my knees. ezra was eager to romp through the drifts and grab mouthfuls of fresh cold snow like ice cream in his mouth as he ran.   he loped along the path that tom shoveled for him on the weekend, although that path is filled in with snow again.  it circles to the back of the yard and around the crabapple tree.  and ezra shows his appreciation by keeping to it religiously when running around the yard, and stepping off of it to relieve himself.  
we are lazy this winter, like we are weighed down with the heaps of snow we can't escape.  we spend our evenings by the fire, watching netflix, reading, tom playing guitar.  but we're happy.  we giggle alot.  and don't seem to have the black cloud that usually hangs low over february.  and before we know it, the lake will be groaning itself open again.  and the crocuses will be coloring the dregs of the snow.  but for now we sleep like bears and drink tea and hot chocolate around the fire. 


  1. It's nice to hear that Ezra is doing so well.
    Stay cozy!

    1. Thanks jen.....this winter has demanded cozy time for sure!!!