Sunday, February 9, 2014

when i come downstairs these wintry mornings, it's a simple little routine.  ezra heads outside first thing.  i put water on the stove to boil for tea. and i turn on the fire in the library.  this little stove sits in the corner, a constant welcoming smile with stella sprawled in front of it most of the time.  i keep two little clay pots that i made in college on the top grate.  they are filled with water to give a little moisture to the air.  a couple times a day i drop lemongrass essential oil into the water.  it freshens the air.  and i think it cleans the air too.  a little something to chase away the germiness of our closed in winter house.  
so my mornings have been fragrant of late.  mint tea and lemongrass.  and there has been sun.  the days are stretching, finally.  by 6 am the night has cracked and gray is spilling into the black night sky.  and by 8 am sun is flooding into the kitchen.  so i can feel the race into spring gaining speed.   but for now, i'll be bundling up to walk ezra through the harbour soon.  and coming home to stand beside the fire, warming my legs.  


  1. That is a nice wood stove, the kind that even looks good in the summer. We are above freezing this morning with no ice to break on the animal water. It seems to be warming some but still burning wood around the clock here.

    1. You must use a lot of wood. That is hardworking! Our stove is gas-powered so it's kind of cheating :).

  2. What a pretty spot to warm up in!

  3. It's cozy.
    Someday you're going to make it up here, jen :)