Thursday, May 23, 2013

sewing beautiful words into quilts has become what i do lately.  i love every part of it.  but maybe my favorite part is reading scads of poetry.  i had been hunting online, just because it was convenient.  but i've been finding it terribly unsatisfactory.  i have shelves and shelves of poetry, slight little collections and bulky volumes.  one deep cupboard is packed three layers deep with books.....mostly poetry, so it's hard to get to them all.  but tonight i started hunting through my favorites.  or my favorites that i think would work for the quilts.  this pile grew organically as i added titles.  smiles warm my belly with each familiar cover.  these books were lugged into many homes as i moved through my 20's.  and much of the underlining and notes will probably make me blush or giggle.  but, oh, it's good to have them in my hands again.  


  1. books are faithful forever friends,

  2. that is a nice part of sewing words...doing the 'research' ha ha. Your word quilts are special!