Monday, May 20, 2013

tonight summer is in the sky.  driving home from the bookstore the orange misty light of a summer evening slanted across the sky, squeezing through fences and carrying a verve of happy energy with it.  we drove the length of a one way street  and i had the sense we were driving through movie scenes.  in our bland little town.  with every block there was a visual with the slightest ache of nostalgia. first the light.  the light was the light a movie director waits for all day and panics to get the shot into it's 8 minute window of beauty.  we were in that window.  we passed the firehall and there was a triangle of firefighters, tossing a football between the trucks parked in front of the station.  there was a sprinkling of people on the sidewalk.  a few meandering bicycles.  all perfectly placed and balanced in the scene.  a group sitting at a picnic table eating and having drinks.  and a student sitting on his front porch with a giant curving silver hookah that he inhaled from. and from the next block the park bloomed.  when we approached neil's house, i had to stop the car, for crossing the street was a pair of mallard ducks, male and female, filling the street with their carefree waddle.  and when they reached the other side, drinking long necked gulps of water from the puddle at the side of the road, undisturbed by the car.  a fanciful few minutes this was.  our drive home.  i think it may have been the magic of the light, coloring a placid evening with summer.

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  1. Beautiful... This will tuck me in quite nicely. If I could be so lucky - your magical post will form the foundations of my dreams tonight!