Wednesday, May 1, 2013

this is my view.  my vantage point on the couch.  in the gloaming of morning.  i think gloaming is meant to be evening.  but i like it for the dawning of the day too.  i haven't tidied or made the room camera ready, but that's ok.  this is a very alive room.  and there is no hiding it.  now i have stella tucked against my hip under the quilt with me. i love catching these moments.  it's one of my favorite things about my phone....there is rarely a moment i can't attempt to turn into a photo.    
i just stepped out onto the porch to bring ellsworth in from his night wanderings.  and although i'm barefoot and barearmed in a light little white nightie, there was only pleasantness outdoors.  the light was thin and gray and i had braced myself to get hit with a slap of cold.  but the air had no chill. even the floorboards of the porch on my barefeet were comfortable.  i think the winter is behind us and may is bringing the scent of green and the sounds of life.  
the windows are filling with light now.  i love this hour as the day starts, the stillness and the quiet of night turning to day.  oh, it reminds me of my favorite movie in the 80s.  i can't help that i still love it.  'ladyhawke'.  the medieval tale of a lover's curse, each of them human half the time and animal the other half, never meeting as humans, but living with their counterpart, a hawk and a wolf.  and almost touching as humans in the seconds between night and day. 
my day has arrived, and i think i'll head directly to the studio.  and work in this fresh energy for an hour or so.  before i dress and make breakfast and have a bath.....the routine can be such an interruption sometimes.  


  1. I sometimes put the side lamp on early morning.. i like that time too. i often make a cup of tea.. let my doggies out , then pop back into bed.
    There is something about early morning. its still, its quiet and time for sweet nothings.
    kitty looks perfectly happy.
    Have a good day in your studio.
    best wishes
    val ..

  2. beautiful and serene moments though your phone camera and your words. Have a lovely month of May dear Annette

  3. beautiful, I alwys feel calmer for just coming here,

  4. I love the photo of your window with morning light. Of course of kitty,too!
    I always feel how much you love your daily life and your studio.

  5. love the little glimpse into your world Annette; the morning is so wonderful...i have been told to read the book, "The Perfection of the Morning" and so am going to source it out at the library, i'm sure i will love it if it celebrates mornings.(i dont know that it does, yet!)the quilt below(turq & red) is just wonderful!

  6. Love getting to start the day with you, virtually if nothing else for now...such a beautiful post. And boy do I love the photo here of Stella.....I felt the closest I've ever felt with her through it.

    You inspire me to get up earlier and take time to be still, before the rush of a day takes over....
    Have a spectacular day in the studio....

  7. I love that you wrote about the gloaming. I underline that word every time I find it in a book I am reading. I love books with that word in them. You write beautiful images.