Thursday, May 2, 2013

we can enjoy being outside again.  the weather is drawing us into the yard, along the lake, out to the farm.  ezra is learning about all our spots.  he loves the yard and quickly learned how fabulous the porch swing is.  although he's not a big fan of the swinging part.  and the lakeside path is becoming his territory.  he's been meeting new dogs all the time, and being mostly polite.  
the farm makes him a little crazy.  100 acres of grass and trees and deer and wildlife galore takes his curiosity to a place a bit beyond what he can control.  he doesn't listen very well, so his off-leash time is usually pretty short.  
this week of sunshine and balmy air has been a gift. it seems to make everything function better.  the studio flows fresh and steady.  the house feels a little easier to keep clean.  even figuring out meals is easier.  the barbecue is gassed up and tom has been grilling almost every meal. 
the gentle air is welcome.  i've never appreciated spring to this extent before.    


  1. I`m so glad spring has brought some joy for you, beautiful photos,

  2. How happy Ezra looks Annette.
    lots of space for him to run around.
    He is a beautiful dog.
    May is such a lovely month.. It brings new life and hope.
    its indeed welcoming.
    enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. Ezra is such a lovely dog, Annette! Your words are balmy too - one feels the lightness and happiness! Enjoy! Christa

  4. Gentle air. I like it. We've had some here lately, not the usual morning and evening chill--warmer, easier. And the longer days. Spring has been good this year.