Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i want to get a bike and start riding around town with a basket on the front holding my camera. i want to pedal along side streets and see things in the intimate street view that cars often eradicate. i want to hear the true sounds of the street and greet the little visions that glide across the eye. i want to feel the elation of wind in hair, legs pumping, endorphins cruising. i used to ride my bike around town all the time. i rode my bike to the hospital to visit my grandmother one afternoon in august. and she died while i was there. we thought she was getting better. i left my bike at the hospital that night and my parents drove me home. i picked it up eventually, days later. maybe even after the funeral. i'm surprised it was still there. i don't think i've ridden my bike since, i gave up on the joy of it. but i'm really craving all the little nuances that i once loved. the childlike freedom and the lightness. so i hope you see me soon, languidly sailing my tw0-wheeler with it's overflowing basket through our downtown streets.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe someone will capture an image of you on your bike, basket filled with flowers, camera in toe...
    A new chapter in your bike story ;)