Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's been a rainy and wretched weekend. a yawning gray and slow weekend. i worked on what may be my favorite quilt that i've ever made. i feel a sense of excitement about this quilt, but i won't know if the excitement is warranted until it's finished. hundreds of tiny little patches of fabrics with patterns and colors all compiled randomly, but merging perfectly into the most lovely quilt. i hope it turns out to be as beautiful as i expect.
besides sewing, the weekend was lazy. we tried to get out, socialize, do errands. but it wasn't easy. we simply wanted to be on the couch under a quilt away from the rain and the wind and the cold air. watching tv. reading. cuddling with edgar and stella. and now i'm watching the survivor finale, ready for a more productive week and hopefully with a finished quilt that i love.

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