Sunday, May 29, 2011

last night was lovely. we swayed on the porch swing in our own glowy little world. tom kept nursing our fire with little sticks, keeping it alive despite the rain soaked wood we were using. clouds of smoke kept the mosquitoes away. edgar kept his eye on everything from his bed beside us. and the cats were off on little hunts in the grass. chasing each other and whatever else they set their sights on. floyd kept dashing up trees just for the fun of it. and running back down again just as quickly. he's almost like a squirrel. when it grew dark, tom turned the stars on.....the lights in the porch ceiling that still make me a little giddy with happiness after 11 years. it was a good night. and this morning when i let edgar out the kitchen door into the yard, the damp, rainy morning air still smelled smoky.

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