Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the village was beautiful this morning. edgar and i am just home from our little tour. and this is the last photo i took.....the magnolia tree at the studio (i call it magnolia, but it might be something more mundane). and our porch in the background with the limestone walls. i walked through the neighborhood pointing my camera and taking photos, but my favorite sight was the one i was going home to. that makes me happy. the studio is flooded with sun in the morning and i'm anxious to get over there and sew in the sunlight. baby quilts to finish. and photograph to list on etsy. and then pillows. and i'm low on lap quilts so i'll get those started as well. and my pretty front garden that i ignored last year isn't pretty right now. it's sad and needs to be trimmed and raked and seeded. i have to work in some time to get that done, but i don't know when. for now i'm running off to the grocery store and then i'll settle in for a wonderful sunny studio morning.

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