Friday, May 13, 2011

today was my first outdoor sewing day. it happened entirely by accident. and it was the loveliest day. we started with an overcast morning. i went to the studio later than usual and was working away on quilts and watching the waltons when tom came over for a little visit. when he left he found the cats grouped around, and quite confused by, a baby squirrel that was looking for it's mother. there were three but one disappeared into the trees and we didn't see it again. i spent the rest of the day sewing on the porch of the studio to keep an eye on them.....mostly to keep the neighborhood cats away since they had no fears. they slept away the afternoon in the crook of the huge maple tree that shades the studio porch. meagan came by to visit, sat on the porch with me and read. tom and naomi had some quiet time on the lucky am i to have that view while i'm working. and then it all turned into an impromptu barbecue. i continued sewing while we hollered invitations over the fence and across the street. and while people arrived and while tom started grilling. the children kept an eye on the squirrels who had awakened and were nibbling on almonds and pieces of apple by this point.
i reluctantly stopped sewing and made the salad and enjoyed as our neighbors gathered. there was beer and horseshoes and the tireswings were both busy. when the babies started running fearlessly up to the kids and all the visitors, we realized we needed to step in and help keep them safe overnight. so we worked together, setting up a big caged nest for them with fruit and nuts and water. and sebi has become their caregiver and is doing an amazing job.

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  1. Blissful day ...the most magical ones are days that just unfold without much planning ;)