Sunday, April 8, 2012

cats are sprawled in the sun, one in each room. and a couple on the porch. i'm cleaning the floors and getting ready to start making easter dinner. my parents will be here soon. naomi is playing basketball with tom in the yard. and she just came running in to go to the bathroom. i told her to be careful on the wet kitchen floor. she bounced through and stopped in the dining room and looked at me. "it smells so good in here". she was staring, trying to figure out what she was smelling, why it was familiar and why it made her happy. and then...."it smells like POOL. it's the pool..." she was hopelessly happy at being taken to the pool with the scent of my watered down bleach concoction i use on the kitchen floor.


  1. Your quilts are so beautiful.

  2. My of my, those quilts are beautiful.
    I laughed at your daughter's comment. I had expected her to comment on your baking or cooking.
    Happy Easter

    Helen x

  3. Gorgeous quilts hanging in the breeze. Isn't it amazing how scents can trigger a certain place or take you back to a time you thought you had forgotten about.

  4. I am gazing at the picture with these awesome quilts! BEAUTIFUL and your daughter sounds like a happy, wonderful girl! Happy Easter! Christa

  5. I LOVE the smell of a pool. Tell Naomi "Hi" if she remembers me.

    1. my mother was pulling photo albums off the shelf last night and looking at them with her. one of them was full of you and baby jake and just-borned baby jake. she remembers you.

  6. The photo of the beautiful quilts blowing on the breeze and the great story of your daughter's delight are treasures. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. A lovely story . Naomi will not forget this Easter Sunday.
    Just like children, they are so inocent.
    I am sure she did enjoy your lovely Easter lunch.
    The quilts are beautiful. You are so talented.
    happy days