Monday, April 16, 2012

here is dear little crabby, coming in from a job. a thieving job. her heist is complete and she's very proud of herself. and tonight, i made her a blog of her own. i'm taking photos of all the crap she steals and posting them on her blog. so, if you want to take part in the craziness she hauls into our yard everyday, this is your chance. crabapple the thief. enjoy!!!!


  1. lol, can't wait. and I know this facial expression just too well. my little buggers often look the same :)

  2. This is a most super post. Crabby is crafty . I am sure she will miss all her little finds.
    most enjoyable.
    thank you
    Happy Tuesday

  3. HA! This is hilarious! The "little thief" strikes again! Crabby reminds me of Tramp in the children's movie Lady and the Tramp...galavanting around in all hours of the night!