Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i made demie's ice cream on the weekend. my parents came. meagan and naomi were over. sunday dinner was smooth and relaxed. afterwards my dad stretched out in the comfy chair and tom sat on the couch with edgar as they watched the last couple hours of the masters. meagan was at the dining room table with her laptop doing stuff for her new job. naomi and my mother lounging around the fire in the dining room, looking at books. naomi had hours of fun drawing portraits on the whiteboards that sit on the kitchen counter for messages.
and then we had homemade ice cream. a while ago, demie posted on her lovely blog 'my paraphernalia' that her mother had come from greece with a simple homemade ice cream recipe. simply whipping cream and condensed milk. beat them together for a minute or so and pop it in the freezer over night. i've been planning to make it ever since. and i'm so glad i did. it is wonderful. i added a container of liberte mediteranean lemon yogurt and fresh blackberries. and it was perfect ice cream after being in the freezer only 5 hours. and it made a special weekend even better.

and i'll start reminding you all that this coming sunday, april 15th, we are having a studio sale. tina roeder is our guest for that sale. her work is etched sterling jewelry which is simply amazing. the little white house at 55 mowat in portsmouth village. we'll be there from 10 until 4.


  1. Sounds like just the perfect Easter day.
    Its so great when the family are together.
    Wish you well with your Studio Sale.
    Demie's ice cream sounds delicious..and with the added fruits..i can imagine..yummi..
    thanks for sharing

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Easter! It seems that after everyone's tummy is full of the holiday fare, it takes the rest of the afternoon to be able to move again. LOL

    I've been meaning to try Demie's ice cream recipe. I like what you added to it. It sounds great!

  3. sounds like you are having a great time :) makes me happy!

  4. lemon and blackberry ice cream - oh my goodness!!! That sounds so refreshing and yummy. :)