Saturday, April 28, 2012

the sun is bright. i'm making coffee. i finally found the time and the energy last night, to clean at least the main floor of my house. there are quilts tumbling around in the washing machine above my head. they will go on the line when they're finished washing. and i have fresh new clothespins waiting to be used, since i left my bag of clothespins on the line over the winter and they are all rotten and moldy. edgar is being neurotic about not lying on his bed because the cover he likes is in the laundry. the sun is making long, early morning shadows across everything. and i'm enjoying the first few hours of being awake.i'll be heading to the studio soon. i'm looking forward to our sale tomorrow. i've been making patchwork letters that make a fun decorative feature in a child's room or kitchen or office. they are quirky, cotton, handcrafted loveliness.
we are also carrying great all natural, locally made skin products. liv's goat's milk soap as well as a lovely beeswax body balm made from the handiwork of local bees. which goes perfectly with tracy's beautiful encaustic paintings.
our sale is tomorrow, sunday, april 29th. we'll be open from 10 - 4. and we have the pleasure of introducing our guest artist, babi sugarman's lovely work. so come down to the village, portsmouth village, that is. the little white house at 55 mowat ave, just up from the lake.


  1. Wishing you good luck at your sale tomorrow.
    My dogs too dont like it when i wash their duvets and covers.
    Happ day

  2. So nice to dip into your domestic warmth. Love the forsythias on the old chair. Hope the sale goes well!