Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ooooh, i've been sick. just a cold. but it's knocked me out. i didn't get to the studio once on sunday. and yesterday i was able to get a start on the farmhouse quilts i need to make. it's a lovely pressure free process. i love sewing strips of fabric together, all fabrics i love. some i haven't seen for a while and they feel like old friends. the fabrics hold hands and smile at each other, neighbors and friends and some are family to each other. your can read the relationships and how they blend and merge and marry and love each other. it's one of my favorite things, watching it all come together. but i was way too wiped out to stay long. my head was pounding and i was home by noon with tea and a cozy fire and edgar's warm long body pressed against mine. and i slept most of the day. today i'm feeling more like myself, and although i'm still tired and headachey, i'll be heading to the studio soon. it's my happy place.
and in just a few more days, the studio will be open again, with a new guest artist, babi sugarman, and fresh new items from tracy's studio as well as new offerings in the shop as well. on sunday, april 29th, the little white house at 55 mowat in portsmouth village, will be open from 10 until 4.

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  1. Glad you had Edgar to keep you warm and give you company.
    He always looks so happy
    All sounds good with lots of happenings at the "little white house" 55 mowat,portsmouth village.
    Glad you are better.
    The marrying of materials is an art.. its the same as painting with oils
    your work is creative.
    Happy tuesday