Saturday, February 18, 2012

a mild morning. i'm still drinking coffee and puttering around as i try to clean the house. i made crepes for breakfast. and in the process smashed my bodum. when i make crepes it means i'm feeling settled and content OR that my usual feeling of contentment has slipped away and i'm trying to re-claim it. today it's the latter. however, the morning crepe making may have worked. tom is off to work. i'm still in the tanktop and underwear i slept in. edgar is fed and having his mid-morning snooze on the sofa. a sudden swirl of snow has come from nowhere and is drifting around the windows in snowglobe fashion. and i'm in my favorite corner with coffee and a laptop. i'll get back to work soon. but for this moment i'll just enjoy the feeling of a cozy february weekend morning.


  1. I am in a cleaning house modus too...
    preparing a pink birthday for tomorrow ; )

    enjoy your time Annette

  2. Your photo reminds me of days we spend in Northwest Indiana in February. I love weekends, it's the only days of the week that I feel I can be lazy and get away with it.