Monday, February 20, 2012

the sun is strong, hitting my eyes and distorting everything i try to see. there is a cat purring behind my head. and otherwise, silence. the house is still and sleeping although it's almost 9 am. on a monday. but it's a holiday. and holidays are really a delightful thing to find in february. a morning that can begin slowly. and build the way you want it to build. shaping the day instead of letting it be shaped by all the things that must be done. we are out of coffee, so i'll boil up a pot of tea. and wake up tom by starting to run my bath. the sound of water flowing through pipes and hitting porcelain is surprisingly loud. the clawfoot tub tucked in it's corner of our bedroom with a table of books. mavis gallant. proust. those go-to books i can pick up and enjoy for ten minutes anytime, but never read through to the end. the perfect start to a holiday monday.


  1. I love the shells in your photo. Yes, it is wonderful to have a (3) day weekend. It's amazing how one extra day can change your outlook for the week!

  2. boy is back at school (high school now) and spends most afternoons with is head in a book.. I long for a "holiday - day" so that he and I can play (afraid this high school thing requires more adjusting for me than for him!) I will relish yours instead... XX