Thursday, February 9, 2012

the moon walked me home last night. it sung behind the trees and pulled me along it's tunnel of light. i'm missing the moon this morning even though the sun is bright and the air is tranquil. still i will count the hours until i see her again tonight. she has mastered me, the moon.


  1. yesterday, She ( la luna ) was enormous and orange... it made me think of wolves, mysterious creatures and magical mometns ...

    1. i love that we share the moon. but she wasn't orange here. just massive and round

  2. "pulled me along it's tunnel of light" - Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous photo. Reminds me of Halloween, ghosts and goblins.

  4. That is amazing. We see the same moon. There is only one like her. When I travel and I am somewhere completely different and I see her, it calms me knowing that my beloved ones at home can see her as well. Magic! xxx Christa

  5. I was just telling Lisa (I.M.W.E) that we have just had the most amazing full moon pass over - low hanging - enormous and ever so calm. Combine this with an outside shower and you have me in utter bliss. :-)
    Have a super weekend xx