Tuesday, February 21, 2012

now there is light in the sky when i open my eyes in the morning. the days are swiftly becoming longer. there may be quilts on the line again soon. edgar and i are venturing out on morning walks again. but it's still cold. and the lake is open....it didn't freeze at all this winter....and in 8 sundays or so, we'll probably have screens on the windows. and the sounds of summer beginning to tune up.
today i'm making quilts. for orders. quite a few. i took the weekend off and now i'm feeling a bit stressed. i had hoped they would all be done by mid-week, but that's tomorrow and i don't see that as even remotely possible. so the holiday was lovely, but i must find my groove again.
while edgar slurps his water and the garbage trucks rumble past and the sun sits up straight for this new day, i am happy for this new and shorter week.


  1. What a beautiful sky in your photo. It is sunny here today and the temperature is supposed to be around 66 degrees. As a matter of fact, Wednesday and Thursday it is supposed to be around 75 and sunny as well. Our grass never really turned brown this year...it's still green!

  2. I love how you refer to time as "8 Sundays". Makes it seem not so bad. I'm really looking forward to screens and open windows.

    Good luck finishing the quilts!! :)

  3. I love the extra light and the thought of your lovely quilts on the line.

  4. i've been worse than usual lately at responding to everyones lovely comments. thank you for always leaving such encourage words on my posts!

  5. I found my way here from a comment you made on Gigi's blog. I just adored your name - chasing lightening bugs - one of life's great joys.

    So, I come here and I find a kindred spirit. Your writing completely pulls me in, delights me.

    Hello, friend.