Monday, February 27, 2012

so as the winter drones on i realize that the simple little life i lead has many moments of nothingness. but i love these moments. there is a ceremony and celebration to these moments. like tracy and edgar going for a walk around the yard together. or the morning lemon water. or the cats facing off with a window between them. these are all the little glimpses i share here. and they grow from a quick passing moment to a memory. the brevity and flash of emotion that i share is locked into something a little more special because it was shared. this little blog and the people who read it, gilds my life and the moments i find special enough to photograph or write about or both. thank you!

oops, i almost forgot to mention....our midweek sale is on it's way. this wednesday february 29th from 3 until 8. at 55 mowat ave in portsmouth village. i am hoping to have some adorable children's tunic dresses ready.....but i might be jumping the gun here. tracy has new paintings and the energy is stop by.


  1. I love reading about your little precious moments. they make me appreciate mine so much more :)

  2. Cute photo of Tracy and Edgar. Yes, it doesn't take long for a moment to become a memory etched upon our minds.

  3. It's always the simple things... always! Christa

  4. Your blog is for me, a beautiful diary of art nd such moments.
    Precious both.
    Have a lovely day Annette : )