Monday, January 10, 2011

the early morning cups me in it's warm dark hands. when edgar wakes me and drags me out of bed before i naturally would, i have an hour of groggy lazy morning time. the furnace is running with a constant hum clearing the chill of night and replacing it with a warmer house. i have a fire on as well and the cats are curled in front of it, arranged around edgar who, ironically is fast asleep again. i am sprawled on the couch with a laptop propped across my legs desperately wanting to use this hour to it's fullest. it's a good hour. the house is quiet and clean, but the most i can do is get a glass of water and stare at the computer. my eyes sting from waking just a little too early and there is a kink in my neck that will hopefully stretch out over the course of the day.

it's a velvety time watching the sky grow smoky as it lightens and turns from night. and that is all i really need to the morning arrive and awaken with the day.

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