Sunday, January 23, 2011

we are in the last few days of our holiday. rested. relaxed. massaged. skin finally smooth and recovered from the dry furnace air at home in canada, but sun-burned in patchy places where the sunblock missed. today book #3 begins....the biggest luxury of all, reading. over 1000 photos on one sd card, with more cards waiting in the wings. and a week of being together without needing to organize or plan or remind about anything. it's been exactly what we needed. and one of the surprising little gifts of our vacation has been adam. we met him at our first meal and he has been our waiter every day since. always greeting us and making us feel welcome and special. we always have a little chat about our day. and he tells us about his life. we look forward to breakfast and lunch because we know adam will be there to brighten our meal. and make sure we never need coffee or juice. but the service is an's the warm conversation that makes our meals such a pleasure. we will miss the sun and the ocean and the laziness. but we'll really miss our daily chats with adam.

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