Monday, January 31, 2011

i worked at the bookstore this morning. filling in for a friend. and we had a busy afternoon with last minute things for the latest house project we're doing. we take possession tomorrow and we had to get the cheque at the bank and take it to the lawyer as well as have our final walk-thru at the house. driving home from the lawyer's i noticed a woman walking. everything about her seemed smooth and unruffled. yoga pants and pea jacket. scarf. and a pleasing aura of calm. i'm not even sure she knew she had this gift. i'm intrigued with the idea that i could wear the same clothes and my stride down the street would certainly not be unruffled. i can easily find a shield of calm when i need it in my tangle of energy, but it's the effortless polished visual that i covet. something that very few have naturally. once effort comes into play, the beauty of it is destroyed. i was reminded today how each of us is presented so differently to each other. fascinating.

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