Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i think we live a fanciful life. it's ideal for us. so why do we need a break from it? why a vacation? we are able to spend most of our time together anyway? and we set our own hours for the most part. why take the time and spend the money to escape our perfect little life? i ponder as we are packing up the room today. we're leaving this evening and making serious plans for our return visit. we wandered the beaches all week together. we planned our day around 3 criteria.....beach time, eating and....i guess it was just 2 criteria. we both read most of the day by the waves. i mentioned before.....that was when i knew luxury was afoot. when i had nothing to take me away from reading. i brought 4 books. and have just begun book #4. tom brought 2 books, both of which i'm interested in reading as well. so we are nicely stocked. if i finish mine today, i'll bust into the one he just finished. our library consisted of 'the crossing' by cormac mccarthy; 'the englishman's boy' by guy vanderhaeghe; 'half broke horses' by jeannette walls; 'the sentimentalists' by johanna skibsrud; 'divisadero' by michael ondaatje; and 'the paper garden' by molly peacock. i loved noticing as we wound through the oily brown bodies poolside, that i could find the canadians based on recognizing the books they read.
so, off i go to read away the last few hours of our vacation beside the sea, in the hot sweet january air of jamaica. tomorrow we'll be reading next to a fire in the january weather we are more accustomed to.

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