Friday, January 21, 2011

not only did tom have to convince me to leave my beloved compound of home & studio and to fly again after 12 years, but also to vacation on a resort. the idea was as distasteful to me as leaving our home and hurtling 1000's of kilometres through the air. i've always loved to explore when i travel. settle into a place and stay as long as possible, learning what it's like to be there, to live there. i felt embarrassed at the idea of a resort with everything catered to the softness of north americans and europeans. i thought the plan of being at a resort as pedestrian as sitting beside the pool and drinking daquiries. but we wanted to relax so here we are. and it's wonderful. the jamaican people we have met are warm and lovely. we learn about their families as they learn of us. the beach is private and relaxing. the buildings are majestic with colonial stylings. dark woods and bright white walls. the food is fresh and we never have to just grab fast food. wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables at the ready. our balcony sits over the ocean and we listen to the waves all night. i am happy for a week here to soak in the sun and get warm and sleep and lose all the tension for a week. but i still want to explore the real country, the island i've learned to love vicariously from my many wonderful jamaican friends. that will be next year.

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