Sunday, January 9, 2011

most people have quite defined opinions about cats and i can readily admit to loving them.... although ours perpetually drive me crazy for one reason or another. there is a distinct sensuality about cats that cannot be denied. the ability to adjust discomfort to something beautiful is the cats greatest ability. it is on the coldest day of the year that you find a cat curled and warm in a pile of quilts and feather pillows. they know how to always enjoy the greatest comfort despite the circumstance. finding ellsworth tightly curled on the settee in the window on quilts and pillows this morning, created a cozy warm feeling in the house despite the harshly cold temperatures outside. and on the hottest day of summer, seeing the cats sprawled and swaying on the porchswing in the shade of the cool stone wall makes the air seem a little less heavy and the breeze a little sweeter. it is a gift they share with us.

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