Thursday, May 3, 2012

as i drove home from the bookstore tonight, a storm was building. it seemed like it came from nowhere. the sky was flashing and the wind squealed. when i pulled into the driveway, there were swirls of dust whipping in the street. and the echo-ey metallic ping that sings from the flagpoles and boats in the harbor. the backyard chimes throughout the neighborhood changing from tinkly and dreamy to militant and sharp. there is a grumble that surrounds and thickens the air.
i made my way directly to bed when i came home. and even though i fell asleep swiftly in my happy crowded bed, the uneasiness of the night has me awake again, and sitting in the dark, soothing edgar and watching the sky erupt in the window.


  1. wonderful picture. I love storms at night. and I love the smell they leave in the morning...

  2. Your description of the storm, seems like a familiar scene here this last week .. Heavy rain and windy nights. I have cuddled up in bed with my 4 little companions. Just as Edgar has kept you warm.
    It seems that april rains are here with avengence..
    wishing you a better weekend. Its raining hard here.

  3. I'm not big on storms at night. If I awaken and see bolts of lightening it really frightens me and I end up lying awake until it passes. This time of year brings lots of storms.