Monday, May 7, 2012

the windows are open! tom put the screens on while i was running a package across the border to mail in the u.s. i stopped to visit my aunt on the way back and came home to the load of white's that i'd put on the line before i left, perfectly dry and smelling divine, tom on the porch swing playing guitar, and all the windows in the house open wide. what a great way to come home. summer is really here when the screens are on and the windows are open. little fragments of conversation drift in the windows. voices and birdsong and neighborhood sounds.


  1. That sounds like a really nice day that you had.
    Even Crabbapple was there to greet you..
    No place like home.
    Enjoy your sunny May days.

  2. A gorgeous day! Sweet lil's the little thief doing? LOL

  3. I love open window days. What a beautiful way to come home, even music- Perfect!