Sunday, May 20, 2012

it was mother's day, 15 years ago. and it came flooding back to me yesterday. we were driving back from my parents and passed a little strip mall where the 'golden griddle' used to be. and in a rush i was there, a younger version of myself with my grandparents. it was the last mother's day my grandmother was alive. she wasn't frail, just slow and careful. and radiant. there was a glow of happiness around her. my aunt and i took them for a casual easy breakfast, but my grandpa wore a suit and hat, and my grandma wore a pretty dress. usually it would be my parents as well as my other grandma at our meals out, making a large and at times raucous table. but this time it was just the four of us. and it was lovely. i could savour the moment, without knowing i had to. and my grandfather could proudly reach for the check and pay for our breakfast. and just 2 months later, my grandmother had the accident that led to her death a month after that. so the memory of a sunny morning in a little pancake place in a strip mall is a dear one.


  1. sad but touching story. it's amazing the small visual hints that will take you back to such powerful memories.
    ps. your blog is so great

  2. I'm so sorry about your grandma but glad that the memories of your last breakfast with her are forever etched in your mind. That's what's so wonderful about memories...they are always there and all you have to do is reach back into that corner of your mind to bring them back to you.

  3. I love the image of your grandparents dressed up to go out. What a sad and wonderful story.