Thursday, May 24, 2012

we walked along the lake this morning. early morning in may is spectacular. but edgar had one of his episodes and went down in the middle of the road, biting and licking his front leg. he's done this since he was a year or two old. we think it's a muscle a charlie horse. but he goes down and has a hard time getting back up. i always dread this happening while we're out walking. and it rarely does. but i got him up, and he was fine until we were just in front of our house and he went down again. but now we're home. he's had a drink and is happily on the porch. the cats are either lying in the sun or charging through the long grass. and the 8 o'clock bell just sounded. it's a lovely day.
this sunday, may 27th, we are opening the studio. we'll be open from 10 - 4. we are the perfect place to find unique gifts for teachers, graduates, dads, newly married couples......the list goes on and on. the little white house at 55 mowat ave in portsmouth village will be awaiting your visit. the lilacs are still blooming, and now the spirea is out. and by the looks of things the peonies may be open by the weekend. so come, wander in the village. have some lemonade on the porch, enjoy the day and visit our little studio!
and if you haven't visited my crabapple the thief might be the day to read it. i love this one!


  1. It all sounds like a lovely cheery morning. Its so wonderful when the weather is good. Poor Edgar. He has a tick.. I have a rescue dog that has the same problem.
    I wrote to crabapple today.. he seems to love gloves and chickens. !
    He is hilarious.. i love to read about his escapades.
    good luck with your weekend

  2. Oh Edgar... Sweet big boy;).