Monday, May 21, 2012

a holiday monday is most always steeped in ease. and today, the first holiday of the summer is hot and cloudless and sits like summer. nothing is necessary. it's a holiday. a little gardening. a little reading. a little walk. the lake is still and sparkly. the leaves aren't fully opened so the light is bright. and i will drink in the laziness, soak in the quiet. the boys and beer inaugurated tom's horseshoe pits for the season. and although there are the sounds of children playing and boats on the lake, there is a subdued quality in the air.


  1. sounds lovely. I'd love to have some water near!

    1. i'm attempting once again to read moby dick. and one of my favorite quotes pops up in chapter 1.....
      Yes, as everyone knows, water and meditation are forever wedded. -- Herman Melville

  2. Ahh it sound so easy going, no sorrows, just loveliness and lazyness yet full of life and love! Wonderful! Here it is still cold and rainy... Christa