Thursday, June 9, 2011

after finishing clearing out the house yesterday, we went for a drive and got caught in a crazy tornado-esque storm. thankfully it was just a storm, but the winds were mighty and the sky was a raging purple-y black with branches and dirt being whipped across the roads. but before the storm we saw this house sitting meekly above the road. i had to go back to get the photo. so simple and peaceful and unassuming in it's loveliness.
and this morning the porch swing is damp from the stormy night. but the light is fresh and the air is clean. there are 5 or 6 squirrels chasing and playing in the crabapple tree. one of them is our golden squirrel. years ago there was a family of blond squirrels in one section of the park not far from our house. but we hadn't seen them for several years. and now we have our own in our yard. she watches me while i sew from the tree that stands by the porch. yesterday she sat in the dining room window while i talked to my parents on the phone. our own golden squirrel. krista tells me they are good luck!

and just as i'd posted this she decided to play out in the open, so i grabbed my camera, and here she is. i think i want to name her greta.


  1. Hello Annette:
    The storm sounds to have been most alarming and we are sure that you were pleased to arrive home safely. The house that you picture does indeed look delightful, unpretentious and welcoming, just exactly the kind of place that one can imagine always wanting to return to after being away.

    We have never known of and certainly never seen a blonde squirrel. Adorable and yes, Greta seems the perfect name [if she is indeed a she]!!

  2. jane and lance, you are delightful. you've made my morning, two days in a row.