Friday, June 3, 2011

the endless days of june are sweet this week. this morning i was awake at 4.30 when the sky was becoming silver with the very earliest start of dawn. stress has been tickling me awake too early the last couple of nights. i stare at the computer looking for houses and making plans until the black at the windows turns gray. and by 6.oo the sun is strong, the day is in full swing. i'm slow. my eyes sting for a good part of the morning. but i walk edgar around the harbor and feel so fortunate to feel summer on my skin. i love the early hours of sunlight with a cool morning dampness still close to the ground. the stress i rarely feel has been real this week, but the long hours of light finds a way to loosen it some. i cut fabric and sew with windows opened fully on to the street, with strong light and loud music and rediscover what i do and why i do it.

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  1. its the same here in Norway you know. the light long days of june er so precious.... i love it early in the morning when i can drink my coffee alone in the kitchen looking at the green outside. thinking. hope everything will turn the way you want it to : )