Friday, June 17, 2011

as i was leaving for work yesterday afternoon, the curtains and the sun and little window were all so lovely that i ran for my camera and tried to get some quick shots. i was rushing, but it made me happy all evening thinking about the window and the light and the vintage curtains and the photos. and when i came home after a great evening at work, the moon was round and huge, sitting low above the lake, and striped gray with clouds. i wanted to grab my big lens and wander with the moon for a few minutes. but the extra energy that would take just wasn't there. the moon kept glimpsing in at me and calling me out to play, but i couldn't do it. yesterday i had two of the spontaneous photography moments that keep my eyes fresh and twirl me around a little inside. and i only used one of them. that moon is haunting me.


  1. Lovely picture. So calming and peaceful. Love your blog. I was just sitting here reading through it. Would love to see some of your work! Especially the quilts! hinthint.

  2. may 24 i wrote about a quilt and had some photos. and my etsy shop is full of them....
    i loved your blog too. i lived in michigan for 10 years and got my first great dane while living there in the 80s. you'll see tons of photos of edgar in my blog as well!