Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my grandmother was almost 98 when she died. and there is a flowering bush that grows at the back of our yard, that always makes me think of the last summer that she was alive. and one particular day is strong with memories of my last real day with my grandmother. just the two of us having the sort of breezy and ephemeral moments we did best. i lived with her all my life practically. i was 7 when she moved to canada to live with us. there was no mystery between us. she was always tiny, but in the last few years of her life, she was practically fetal. she weighed between 50 and 60 pounds and osteoporosis had bent her in half. my parents brought her to spend the afternoon with me that day. she sat in her wheelchair on the porch. i wheeled her out in the garden under the trees with flowers and birds surrounding her. i covered her hat with peonies and she laughed and just enjoyed the perfection of a summer day. she spent hours going through the bunches of flowers i brought her, picking out all the blossoms that were past their prime. we watched the cats play in the sun. gala romped around the yard and delighted her. we just spend the afternoon together. and after a lifetime with her, this is one of my strongest and sweetest and dearest memories of us alone together. just an afternoon enjoying each other.


  1. Hello Annette:
    What an absolutely splendid woman your grandmother appears to have been and how wonderful that she lived to such a grand age.

  2. jane and lance...
    thank you...yes we were very fortunate to have so much time with her. and you are right....she was splendid.
    have a lovely day!

  3. a very touching story Annette... reminded me of my own grandma... love her hat : )

  4. A big gulp. This post hits so close to home ...
    Your grandma looked so lovely in these photos.
    So nice you spent lots of time together...

  5. thanks demie and tracy...
    grandmothers hold such a special spot in a girl's life, don't they!