Friday, June 10, 2011

an amazing evening of spontaneity. our beloved neighbors gathered on the porch, with a fire and hockey playoffs. loveliness doesn't come any more wonderful than this night. tom brought a tv out to the porch and streamed the hockey game. we cuddled under quilts on the porchswing. the fire was smoky enough to keep the mosquitoes away. the boys sat in chairs on the grass, intent on the hockey and tending the fire. and i felt so very canadian. naomi fell asleep with the swaying of the swing. and we had the stars on. we made plans and talked about our hopes and fears, like we always do. and ultimately we felt the happiness of sitting under the gray night sky together.

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  1. Hello Annette:
    These spontaneous moments are ones to remember and treasure. Without too much thought or planning, they always become a success as clearly this evening was. Have a happy weekend and do something similar!