Monday, June 13, 2011

i love crackly and worn paint. i can't think of a time when i haven't. i love the texture. i love the faded color of old paint. i love the sense that it's been there forever. we have to paint our house this summer. we should have painted it last summer. but i am afraid for it to feel too crisp and fresh and new. i doubt it could ever look or feel too new. but i hate losing it's authentic time worn feel. the crooked front door we bought at an architectural salvage place has never been painted by us. i love it's patina so we left it the pale butter yellow that i would never have chosen for a door but i love it more than i can say.
i am happily very busy in the studio this week.


  1. Hello Annette:
    We are absolutely at one with you over this. We too love that time worn look where nothing is too pristine, and everything has the patina of age.

    The difficulty, which you touch on here, is of maintaining that look whilst at the same time ensuring that the overall fabric of house, furniture, whatever, does not fall into disrepair.

  2. and the harshness of change is against me too. but i know when it's done i will quickly love it as well.
    have a lovely day jane and lance.
    i tried to leave a comment on your bathroom post but it didn't work. i am also a bathtub person...i have a clawfoot tub tucked in an alcove of my bedroom. somehow the drama of your deep tub reminded me of the david painting 'the death of marat' which i often think of when i'm reading or writing in the bath.

  3. Hello Annette:
    We are so sorry that you had difficulty leaving a comment as we should have loved to have heard from you.

    Perhaps it might be easier for you to keep in touch as a Follower as we certainly find that to be best for us.

  4. i thought i had followed you. i guess i got caught up reading your posts and forgot to add that step. now i'm a follower!!!