Thursday, June 23, 2011

above our harbour, the skies have been darkening and rumbling and building a drama, a heavy and a humid drama. we were racing around town doing errands, watching the storm form over wolfe island. as we drove the sky would glow and shake and growl.
and then we were home. the boats seemed so calm and settled, even when the lightning started. we could see the rain falling in cloud form, across the lake. and now it's moved across the water to us. our windows are open and the lullaby of rain is filling the rooms. i'm drinking lavender soda. and watching 10 hours of dvr-ed wimbledon tennis. with the gentle pitch and quiver of summer rain as my background music.


  1. Hello Annette:
    Your quietly dramatic picture does, most certainly, capture the moment of the lull before the storm.

  2. you are very poetical. i can hear the rain, you know. and your pictures are full of feelings ... thank you Annette : )