Tuesday, June 7, 2011

it appears that summer has found us. the heat of the sun and the happy relief of shade. and scattered around our yard are cats. edgar oversees from the porch, but it's the lounging of the cats that gives laziness to the day. i sewed on the studio porch all afternoon watching their slow sleepy summer ways. and then we ended the day playing horseshoes and welcoming my parents home from their two month sojourn south.


  1. Hello:
    We cannot resist cats! And although our own two are no more we can, of course, delight in yours which are absolutely lovely.

    Now, when it comes to sewing, then count us out as we have yet to master the threading of a needle. However, we do greatly admire the talent of people, such as yourself, who are able to create beautiful items out of fabric.

    It is quite by chance that we have fallen across your eclectic and engaging blog. We are so pleased to have found you.

  2. what a lovely chance encounter. thank you for your beautiful comments. i have been reading through your blog as well.....it's wonderful.

    i love when people find life fascinating and joyous. you seem like those sorts of people.

    welcome to my little part of canada....