Saturday, June 11, 2011

it felt like a morning to tour around neighborhoods with coffee in hand looking for tables and lawns laden with stuff people no longer wanted. i left the house around 8.30.....tom and edgar both sleeping soundly. i emptied tom's wallet before leaving. exhilaration and expectation taking over. i love the feeling of the streets on weekend mornings. weekends and holidays have a distinctly different openended and timeless feeling to them. so i drove to different neighborhoods. i gave a donation to a sale that was raising money for an animal charity (there was nothing i wanted to buy). i may have found our next house...a private estate sale in a nice neighborhood. i bought a first edition hardcover of 'ahab's wife' for 75 cents (it saddens me that there is no longer a sign for 'cent', just the $ one). and that leads me to the great finds of the day. a fabulous 50 year old underwood typewriter, complete with plastic dustcover and several boxes of replacement ribbons for $10. (there will be a 'cent' sign on that) and at the same sale of the grandparents belongings this perfect pair of purple suede maryjane's in the original box. they were too tiny and delicate for me, but perfect for krista's dainty little feet. a lovely morning!

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